NEW= pellet production lines with productivity from 400 - 500 kg/hour - or 600 kg/hour as demand - works by fuel - economy for electricity, increasing in productivity

Corn Production Lines ( PUFFS )

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1 - Corn Mixer

Made of (complete chromium plated stainless steel) Can holds 250 kilo grams of corn, its task is to dump the corn.


2 - Conveyor screw

It is a screw conveyor of the corn( its job is to feed the extruder ) , made of (chromium plated stainless steel) .


3 - Main Extruder

It is easy working and operating for the worker without any problems and it is easy to pluck and fixing the screw and the inner part . It produces different shapes like: (fingers, rings , and zig zag etc…) It is fitted with electronic inverter to let corn go down to the bucket with an inverter to control thye speed of the screw and there is spare parts( screw- interior tube- cutting knives and molds) The production capacity is between 150 kg up to 175 kg per hour) according the quality of the product.


4 - Air Blower

Fitted with rubber zig zag hose used to carry the material from the extruder to the roaster.


5 - The roaster and the spicer

The roaster's job is to dry and roast the grains and draw the wet. Its speed is controlled by inverter that gives the heat through gas tubes. It is insulated by a heater insulator. The spice's job is to mix the material with the flavor and oil so that gives the wanted flavor. An inverter made of chromium plated stainless steel) controls its speed.


6 - Mixer the oil with the flavour

It is made of chromium plated stainless steel. It is fitted with inner tube double jacket the warm water trickles through not to freeze the oil in winter . Its job is to mix oil with flavor. There are two mixers each one's capacity is 150 kg.


7 - The pump

The dump of the oil and flavor. Their job is to draw the flavor and oil from the mixer and pump it in the inner the spicer . It has an inverter device to control the wanted amount.


8 - Electricity Panel

Its job is to control the extruder.


9 - The Drier

It is an additional piece according to the client's wish. It works by the warm air , so wet is drawn from the product and drying well with electricity degree controlling. It is made of chromium plated stainless steel. It works by fuel or electricity according to the client's wish. The inverter controls its speed .

Summarized Specifications & Dimensions

Electric Power Production Capacity Weight Height Width Length
90 Amperes 150~ 175 Kg Per Hour   3 M 2 M 10 M


Productivity in one Hour Kilo Watt Ampere Volt Hertz
175 Kg 55 KW 80 Ampere 380 Volt 50 / 60

Summarized Specifications for Extruders

Model Production Capacity Electric Power Main Engine Electric Power
( entire line )
extruder classic 40 145 kg 30 kw 40 HP 75 ampere
extruder classic 50 175 kg 37.5 kw 50 HP 90 ampere
extruder classic 60 205 kg 45 kw 60 HP 105 ampere
extruder classic 70 250 kg 52.5 kw 70 HP 120 ampere