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Multi-headed weigh filling machine

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A complete weigh filling machine with a multi- headed belt tank .

The head is fitted with ten weights Chinese made.

An electronic weigh system to get high and accurate weight..

All the places of the material are made of stainless steel.

The machine is fitted with a industrial computer and control screen.

• Multilingual so a language can be selected accordingly .
• The machine works by easy use touch system .
• Fitted with instruction list to help the operation.
• It shows all operations during the weighing process.
• It is fitted with a 99- memory programme.
• The amount of filling can be controlled.
• It fitted with a production control exactly in one minute.
• The ability to control to change the amount of the product.
• The ability to open the cases of the weight so not to happen the breaking of material.
• The ability in all dates of the weighing process.
• Ability to choosing a suitable and specific of weights that give the wanted weight with a high accurate according the material.
• A prior control of the boxes so to avoid mixture of buffed material.
• The required electricity is 220 volt or 50 hertz

The machine is made to fight water and dust according to safety degree 6. 65 IP.

- Production: The average speed of the machine is 45 weighs per one minute for each 20 gram which depends on:

- the quality of the material
- The quality weight of the material
- The amount of the material

Things can be chosen( optional):

• a belt conveyer for supplying the machine with the material.
• a belt to carry the product after filling and packing.
• a date printer


Kilo Watt Ampere Volt Hertz
25 KW 35 Ampere 220 Volt 50 / 60