NEW= pellet production lines with productivity from 400 - 500 kg/hour - or 600 kg/hour as demand - works by fuel - economy for electricity, increasing in productivity

Pellete Frying Line

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1 - Pellet Feeding Machine

It is about a bucket(chromium plated stainless steel).Its task is to empty the raw material, works on vibrating engine, so it supplies the fryer the amount that suits the production speed . The inverter controls of its speed.


2 - Main Fryer Machine

It is composed of a tank fitted with (complete chromium plated stainless steel) and fitted with blades to carry the raw material from the feeding machine and draw them from the oil during frying. It has a thermal oil pump and oil compensation pump works by pipes and filtering device. It has a chimney to draw the steam from the fryer. The tank is insulated externally with a heater insulator to keep on the heat of the oil. Raising the cover of the blades automatically using electric lifter to facilitate the regular cleaning of the tank. It has two oil tanks. Production speed is controlled by inverter system . There are three methods to heat oil ( electrical – diesel – gas ) accordingly.


3 - Oil filtering oil

It is about a wide interlock(complete chromium plated stainless steel) fixed on a vibrating base which its speed is controlled by inverter to filter the oil from the material and cooling it well . It is guaranteed to filtering completely.


4 - Cooling belt

The task of the belt (complete chromium plated stainless steel) is to cool the product pieces and filtering the oil in an ideal way .


5 - Flavour device

It is about a bucket (complete chromium plated stainless steel ) of vibrating movement. It sprays the material to the spice machine suiting with production capacity of the fryer. It is controlled of its speed by inverter system according to the way that is asked for.


6 - Flavour Drum mixer

It is a tube (complete chromium plated stainless steel) fitted with coned barriers their task is to invert the material from inside and mix it with flavor It helps on cooling process by inverter .


7 - Ascending Conveyor Belt

It is a leather belt after mixing spices to make a way for the prepared product to go out.

Summarized Specifications & Dimensions

Electric Power Production Capacity Weight Height Width Length
fryer ( 100 Kg) 60 Amperes 100 Pieces Per Hour   3 M 2.5 M 12 M
fryer ( 200 Kg) 110 Amperes 200 Pieces Per Hour  


feeding type Productivity KW Ampere Volt Hertz
electricity 200 kg / h 80 120 380 50/60
electricity 400 kg / h 110 170 380 50/60
Gaz oil 400 kg / h 25 35 380 50/60