NEW= pellet production lines with productivity from 400 - 500 kg/hour - or 600 kg/hour as demand - works by fuel - economy for electricity, increasing in productivity
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Our Products


Corn Production Line ( PUFFS )

The line is completely manufacture from food stuff grade chromium plated stainless steel for product passage sections and the line based are made from galvanized iron.

picturePellete Frying Line

The line is completely manufacture from food stuff grade stainless steel which is resisting for rust , oxidation and heat . The line is easily operated by the operator and also can be easily serviced and maintained production capacity: 100-300 Kg / hour (as requested)

pictureCorn Line of Natural popcorn

The Line is Working by Bombing the Corn Seeds and the Way To Turn The Line on is Easy for The Operator.
The Line is Working by Diesel Burner or Gas Burner
Electric Heaters “made to order” and the Productive
Capacity is from 50 to 60 Kilo per Hour.

pictureMulti-headed weigh filling machine

Full packing and packaging machine with a multi-head weighing tower belt

pictureVertical mechanical Bulk Filling Machine

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