NEW= pellet production lines with productivity from 400 - 500 kg/hour - or 600 kg/hour as demand - works by fuel - economy for electricity, increasing in productivity

Corn Line of Natural popcorn

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1- The main popcorn Machine :

The line works by bombing the corn seeds through the warm air. Operating the line is easy for the worker. The line works by a fuel burner or electric heaters to order.
The production capacity is from 50 km up to 70 km per hour.


2- Sieve :

Its job is to release the undesirable seeds before getting to the spicer.


3-The spicer :

It is a tube (chromium plated stainless steel) supplied by coned barriers their task is reversing the material from inside and mixing it with the flavor , and to help cooling operation by inverter controlling.


4-Oil tank with flavour :

It is made of (chromium plated stainless steel). It is fitted with tube double jacket in it the warm water trickles not to freezing the oil in winter. Its job is to mix the oil with the flavour. The mixer's capacity is 150 km.


5-Pump :

The pump is for the oil and the flavour. Its task is to draw the flavour and the oil and pump and spray it in the inner of the spicer . It has an inverter device to control the wanted amount.


6-Ascending conveyor belt :

It is a leather conveyor belt after spicing stage to let the finished material go out .


Feeding Kilo Watt Ampere Volt Hertz
Gaz oil 15 KW 25 Ampere 380 Volt 50 / 60