NEW= pellet production lines with productivity from 400 - 500 kg/hour - or 600 kg/hour as demand - works by fuel - economy for electricity, increasing in productivity

Vertical mechanical Bulk Filling Machine

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- The machine works by an advanced mechanical system.
- The machine can fill all kinds of grains potato chips – nuts - pop corn – cereals .
- The machine is made to fill the following weights: From 10 grams up to 1000 grams , made by changeable cups .
- The length of the bag is 10 cm up to 40 cm
- The machine is fitted with a forming paper device accordingly.
- The machine is controlled by PLC system.
- There is a photocell to adjust the packing photo.
- The production capacity of the machine is from 20 up to 60 pieces per minute which depends on

- the quality of the material
- the quality weight of the material
- the amount of the material
- The control is done by electronic inverter

- Things can be chosen( added):

- A belt conveyer for supplying the machine with the material.
- A belt to carry the product after filling and packing.
- A date printer
- The materials are made of (complete chromium plated stainless steel)
- Electrical feeding 220 volt
- There is spare parts with the machine like additional belts+ cutting knives+ maintenance box + collar ( cap)


Kilo Watt Ampere Volt Hertz
10 KW 15 Ampere 220 Volt 50 / 60